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Wedding planner services

We turn your dream into a reality


Weddingster believes that creating beautiful memories contributes to a happy life. Our passion is to make that dream come true. We help engaged couples organize and style their wedding. This allows you as a bride or groom to fully enjoy the preparations and the wedding itself. This way you consciously experience every moment, so that you can really enjoy the most special day of your life. 



You can relax during the wedding organization and on the Big Day itself. It would be a shame if you had to endure the most beautiful life of your life full of stress. We make sure that every part of your wedding is perfectly done.



Experience is the most important thing when it comes to organizing the most special day of your life. And it is precisely this knowledge and experience that we use for your wedding.



There is a lot of relevant legislation and official documentation involved when entering into marriage at home or abroad. We will tell you everything about this. 



Because of the network of Weddingster you will have to deal with the best wedding suppliers for your wedding. This saves a lot of time and money. Special price agreements have been made and we are the link between you and the suppliers to arrange everything properly.

What do we promise you?

Planning a wedding can be quite stressful. Because this will be the most important event of your life.


We are committed to giving you that day that you will remember with a warm feeling for the rest of your life. A day that you would like to relive 100 times. Memories to Remember.  That's always our goal.


A weak sales pitch? In any case, beautiful clichés are of no use. That is why we make the following concrete promises to you. 

Honest service

Kiezen voor Weddingster betekent kiezen voor een kwalitatief goede bruiloft.  Daarom geven wij jou áltijd het beste advies.

Kickbackfee's, commisies of andere commerciële beloningen van onze partners willen wij niet. Kwaliteit staat bij ons voorop, en daarbij horen geen commerciële triggers.

Online planning tool

You will have access to your own personal planning tool. 

From here we work in a structured way together toward your wedding. You always have an overview of the latest status and matters that we still need to work on.

Fixed fee

We work on a project basis. In this way, you know exactly where you stand in advance. No hourly invoice afterward, but transparent from the first moment.


We will continue until everything is worked out in every detail. We won't stop until then, we promise you. 

What are the possibilities?

Below you will find an overview of all packages. Planning a wedding is custom, but these arrangements give you an idea of the possibilities. We will of course draw up a plan based on your wishes.

Have you already started organizing your wedding but are you stuck and can you no longer see the forest through the trees? Contact us and we will see together how we can help you.

Wedding planner Rotterdam
Wedding coordinator

Do you like to arrange things yourself? But are you looking for the best tips and a step-by-step plan? Then the wedding coordinator will help you further.

  • Intake meeting

  • Access to your personal planning tool

  • Venue(s) visit 

  • Two weeks before the wedding, we coordinate everything with the suppliers and we make a scenario

  • Master of ceremonies on the day itself

  • Point of contact for your guests

  • Maintaining contacts with suppliers

  • Progress meetings

  • Unlimited consultation (by phone, email, phone)

  • Composing script

Wedding planner

Organizing your wedding day requires good preparation, organization and planning. Weddingster takes care of your dream wedding from A to Z. Let go of the stress and enjoy.

  • Intake meeting

  • Access to your personal planning tool

  • Color palette

  • Budget monitoring

  • Manage guest list

  • Wedding suppliers (from location to wedding cake)

  • Master of ceremonies on the day itself

  • Negotiating suppliers

  • Maintaining contacts with suppliers

  • Progress meetings

  • Unlimited consultation (by phone, email, phone)

  • Composing script

Wedding stylist

The decoration makes a wedding personal and provides the most beautiful images. Are you looking for advice to style your wedding beautifully? We make a styling plan that suits you.


  • Intake meeting

  • Moodboard

  • Color palette

  • Styling plan

  • 20% discount on this service if you already use the wedding planner services

Online wedding planner

Need quick advice or inspiration on certain parts of your wedding? Which can! Through an online session we help you to find the right route for your wedding.

  • Fast advice and inspiration for your wedding

  • Sharing experience and knowledge in the field of wedding organization

  • The network: get in touch with the best wedding suppliers

  • 1 hour online wedding planner for € 80,-

online wedding planner.JPG

Treat yourself with an unforgettable wedding

Excited to start with your wedding? We feel you! Fill in the form below and we will contact you within a day.

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