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Congratulations! Soon you will make each other the most beautiful promise: love forever. It's a great, exciting time. There is one thing you know for sure: your wedding day must be an unforgettable day. A day you will remember with a smile on your face, for the rest of your life.

Weddingster believes that creating beautiful memories contributes to a happy life. Your wedding day is something unique and has to be that beautiful memory for sure. Our passion is to make that dream come true. By helping engaged couples organize their wedding, the preparations and the wedding itself. This way you consciously experience every moment, so that you can fully enjoy the largest and most unique event of your life.

Together we are looking for the best fit for your wedding, whether it is a fully organized wedding from A-Z or extra help on a specific part.

Together we create Memories to Remember.

Memory for life

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Give yourself an unforgettable wedding

By choosing a wedding planner, you choose peace and security during the wedding. This way, you have the guarantee that you get in contact with the best suppliers because of the network and experience of Weddingster. It is important for your wedding to gather the right professionals together, real specialists who can make your wishes reality.

Organizing a wedding is quite a task that requires much time. By using the experience of a wedding planner, every detail will be done, while you can relax and enjoy the preparations and the day itself. This way, you consciously experience the most beautiful day of your life.


"Our wedding took place last weekend. What a great day it was! Cynthia van Weddingster helped organize our wedding from A to Z. She was also our master of ceremonies so that our guests and we could enjoy the day. our first meeting over a year before our wedding, we immediately had a good feeling.We chose the 'wedding planner' package, which was our best choice for our wedding.Cynthia is very punctual, structured, always available, forward thinking and flexible. Our day was fantastic! "

- Evelien van Wijk

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From the invitations to the wedding venue: there are a million possibilities for your wedding.

Because we know our way in the wedding world, you get in contact with the best suppliers. Together we take a look at the total appearance of your wedding and we make sure your wedding will look picture perfect.

By working together with the right partners, you got the guarantee you can make the right choices for your wedding.

Everything about the wedding

Organizing a wedding is quite a task. To help you get started, we share news about everything related to the wedding via this blog.

You will receive useful tips and tricks about the wedding and get inspired by the latest trends in weddings. Do you want to be the first to know about all the news? Sign up below for the newsletter.

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