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Wedding planning & styling

Congratulations! Soon, you both will make the most beautiful promise to each other: love forever. This is an exciting time, but also a great one. You already know that your wedding day must be fantastic, a day that you will cherish and remember with a smile on your face for the rest of your life. 


Are you curious about how we can plan this unforgettable day together with you? We offer different packages that you can choose from, whether you want a fully organized wedding from A to Z or extra help with a specific part. 


Together, we will create beautiful Memories for you To Remember forever.

Download our Checklist for your wedding!

Here you are. We got you. Here is your Weddingster Checklist.

Here you will find all the tasks that need to be done for your wedding planning.

Happy Planning! 


What we promise you

Planning a wedding can be quite stressful. Because this will be the most important event of your life.


We are committed to giving you that day that you will remember with a warm feeling for the rest of your life. A day that you would like to relive 100 times. Memories to Remember.  That's always our goal.


A weak sales pitch? In any case, beautiful clichés are of no use. That is why we make the following concrete promises to you. 

Honest service

Choosing Weddingster means choosing a high-quality wedding.  That's why we always give you the best advice.


We do not want kickback fees, commissions, or other commercial rewards from our partners. Quality comes first for us, and in this way, we don't believe in commercial triggers.

Online planning tool

You will have access to your own personal planning tool. 

From here we work in a structured way together toward your wedding. You always have an overview of the latest status and matters that we still need to work on.

Fixed fee

We work on a project basis. In this way, you know exactly where you stand in advance. No hourly invoice afterward, but transparent from the first moment.


We will continue until everything is worked out in every detail. We won't stop until then, we promise you. 

Yes, I do!

Curious about what we can do for you?

Curious about our work?

Our happy couples

By clicking on the link below you will find a selection of our work. Be inspired by our beautiful bridal couples.

Wedding planner, wedding planner, master of ceremonies

Choose the package that suits you

We have different packages, from styling, master of ceremonies to complete wedding plans. 

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